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“He IS the best of the best! Top notch, knows his stuff and very honest.” 


—  Former Client



Our mission is to be the premier provider of quality legal services in the Metro Toledo area.  We believe that is best achieved by actively engaging our clients, to fully comprehend their current legal position and their overall goals for the future. 

Not only do we provide results, we provide piece of mind during some of your most difficult and trying times.  At the Law Offices of Kurt W. Bruderly, you will receive dynamic representation based on our command of the law and dedication to your best interests.

We believe in returning phone calls and listening your problems.  With this, our clients enjoy priority treatment, at a reasonable price.


Payment plans and most major credit cards accepted for your convenience.

Felony/State Criminal Charges

After a grand jury issues an indictment, these are the most serious criminal offenses in Ohio.  Often starting with a preliminary hearing in Municipal Court, these cases primarily occur in Courts of Common Pleas.  For more details on specific offenses, click here.

Misdemeanor/Municipal Criminal Charges

Despite being “lower level” criminal charges, misdemeanor convictions affect your job, your family, and can result in taking up to 180 days of your freedom.  Each Municipal Court is unique and requires specialized knowledge.  For more details on specific offenses, click here.

Federal Charges & Investigations

No adversary is as well equipped as the United States of America and the FBI.  Federal cases are complex and their penalties severe, requiring an attorney that can explain its intricacies and guide you through the process from target letter to (potential) sentencing.  For more details on specific offenses, click here.


Part criminal, part traffic, often misdemeanor, sometimes felony.  Unfortunately, all of us know someone who drank and drove.  An OVI citation can feel like the end of the world, but it does not have to be life changing. There are numerous ways to successfully defend you against these allegations.  For more details and frequently asked questions, click here.

Traffic Citations

“Son, do you know what I’m stopping you for?”  Both common and annoying, traffic citations affect your ability to drive, your insurance rates, and your wallet.  It is not uncommon to find yourself buried in fines and suspensions.  The Law Offices of Kurt W. Bruderly, LLC can ensure this does not happen to you.  For more details and frequently asked questions, click here.

Expungements/Motions to Seal the Record

Ohio law regarding the sealing of past convictions is complicated and constantly changing.  If you want your rights restored, to secure your CCW permit, or to get rid of that past conviction that is keeping you from employment, click here to learn more and start the process.

Juvenile Law

Minors are still subject to most of the same laws as adults in Ohio.  Though sentences are uniquely different, the same aggressive defense against allegations of criminal delinquency is required.  Do not let a foolish mistake as a teen, affect your freedom, future ability to go to school, or get employment.  For more details and frequently asked questions, click here.

Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Non-payment of rent, violation of lease/rules agreements, or holdover tenancies are common reasons as to why you may be asked to leave your home/apartment.  The Law Offices of Kurt W. Bruderly, LLC represents landlords in seeking to evict those offenders, but also defends many of those residents who are asked to leave.  No matter what side of the coin you fall on, the Law Offices of Kurt W. Bruderly, LLC can assist.  For more details and frequently asked questions, click here.

Lemon Law

A new car purchase can be exhilarating, but when you are constantly dealing with issues and taking it in for repairs it can feel like a disaster.  You may have a “lemon” on your hands.  The Law Offices of Kurt W. Bruderly, LLC, has attorneys and paralegals dedicated to helping you navigate your automobile needs.  Click here to begin the evaluation process of your claim.

Title IX Defense

A federal civil rights law passed in 1972, all universities and schools have adopted IX policies and procedures to protect students against being victims of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and other allegations.  Violation of these rules could result in criminal charges, but may also result in suspension or even expulsion from school.  If you are the subject of a Title IX investigation, click here for more details and frequently asked questions.


Kurt W. Bruderly



Kurt W. Bruderly (“Brewed-early”) received his Juris Doctorate from the University of Toledo College of Law (’07), after first receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the University of Michigan (’03).  While in law school, Kurt worked as an extern for Judge Arlene Singer at the Ohio Sixth District Court of Appeals, and clerked at the law firm of Wittenberg, Phillips, Levy & Nusbaum, a staple of the Toledo legal community.


Admitted to practice in the State of Ohio in 2007 and the United States Federal District Court for the Northern District of Ohio in 2013, Kurt has been defending the rights of thousands of citizens from all over Northwest Ohio for well over a decade.


Kurt specializes in criminal defense on all levels and prides himself on giving clients the opportunity to participate in their own defense.  He understands that the definition of “victory” in the courtroom is different for everyone and that the difference between a good lawyer and a great lawyer is the latter is also a counselor, educator, and most importantly listener.  He promises clients that he will leave no stone unturned and will focus on their individual desires, while guiding them through the legal process with honesty, integrity, and tenacity.    


This approach has earned him the respect of not only his clients, but also local judges and attorneys.  In 2009, just two years into his practice, Kurt won his first felony jury trial and just five years into his practice, Kurt was appointed to his first murder case in 2012 – successfully reducing his client’s charges from Murder to Involuntary Manslaughter.  In 2013, Kurt became one of the youngest local attorneys appointed to the Federal Criminal Justice Act Panel, qualifying him to represent indigent defendants indicted for federal crimes.  From early in his career, Kurt has shown that he does not shy away from difficult cases and he excels in the courtroom.


“I think my clients appreciate the fact that they have an attorney who actually listens to them.  Unfortunately, some of our best legal minds forget that there is an extraordinarily human element to what we do.  There is a reason attorneys are called “Counselors” and I have not forgotten that reason.  I believe in providing my clients with every possible solution to their legal issues, then sitting down with them and evaluating what option best suits their needs and desires.  Honest and sound legal advice allows them to make the best decision for themselves. In the end, I want my clients to have peace of mind – something that is invaluable.”


Kurt is currently a member of the Ohio State Bar Association (OSBA) where he was selected as a 2013 delegate for the OSBA Leadership Academy.  He is also an elected member of the Toledo Bar Association’s Board of Directors and the recipient of the 2017 Trustees Award for showing professionalism and dedication to the Association.  He helps educate fellow lawyers by teaching Continuing Legal Education courses and mentors newly admitted lawyers through the Supreme Court of Ohio’s Lawyer Mentorship Program.


When he is not in the office, Kurt enjoys working-out, golfing, watching his beloved Wolverines, and spending time with his family.  However, he also contributes to his community having previously served on the boards of numerous local non-profit organizations.



Victory does not always mean, “not guilty”.  Each case and each client is unique.  “Victory” can mean working with or against detectives in a manner that results in never being charged.  “Victory” can mean negotiating a resolution that allows someone to get drug treatment or mental health services.  It can also mean modifying charges to accurately reflect the crime that may have occurred.  For you, it may mean a result that allows you to get back to work quickly, back to your family faster,  or allows you to pursue your dreams.


Trials are necessary, and they are the most public part of a criminal case.  However, a vast majority of cases do not, and should not, go to trial.  Listed here are a few notable courtroom victories.



Toledo man charged in Sylvania Twp. shooting released on bond
April 23, 2021


Oregon Man Acquited of Rape, Domestic Violence Charges
June 17th, 2019


Toledoan acquitted of aggravated arson
May 31, 2018



Whether it is a speeding ticket, contract dispute, small business issue, family law matter, or serious criminal charges, the professionals at The Law Offices of Kurt W. Bruderly are here to help.

Contact us today to get the answers you seek or schedule an appointment to meet with Mr. Bruderly. We look forward to speaking  with you! 

Payment plans and most major credit cards accepted for your convenience.


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Kurt W. Bruderly

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1119 Adams Street 2nd Floor

Toledo, Ohio 43604

Phone: (419) 243-3800

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