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Drug Possession/ Trafficking Offenses

The Law Offices of Kurt W. Bruderly, LLC aggressively defends drug related allegations in Lucas & Wood Counties, including Toledo, Maumee, Perrysburg, Bowling Green, Sylvania and the surrounding counties of Fulton, Henry, Ottawa, and Sandusky.


If it is alleged that you possessed, trafficked, or manufactured illegal drugs or drug instruments/paraphernalia, you could face significant penalties - not just the loss of your freedom, but driving license restrictions and exclusions from certain career paths.  Drug cases can be complex, when dealing with quantity, quality, and new designer drugs.  In addition to defending your innocence, treatment and alternative resolutions such as “drug court” have been designed to help those suffering from addiction issues, as opposed to prison.  Let the Law Offices of Kurt W. Bruderly guide you through this complicated “war on drugs”.

“It wasn’t my drugs, I was just in the same car/house, what did I do wrong?”

Potentially, nothing!  It is true that the law has expanded the word “possession” to include, “having access to” illegal drugs.  The law of “constructive possession” allows one to “possess” drugs if they have the ability to control/access it, but there still  exists a mental culpability of “knowingly” having that ability.  The burden is on the State of Ohio to prove beyond a reasonable doubt, that you knew about the drugs.

"I didn't know what type of drugs they were, how can I be charged this way?"

Unfortunately, the law does not require you to have knowledge of the substance in which you are handling, even if you are mistaken as to what it is.  However, the State of Ohio is required to prove beyond a reasonable doubt WHAT that substance is and that it is a controlled drug or one “substantially similar”.

“What can YOU do for me?”

Each situation is unique but ethically, lawyers cannot and should not make claims about themselves such as being “the best” or promise certain results.  The best practices for mounting a skilled defense include:  intimate knowledge of the local courts and participants; a thorough confidential client interview; obtaining all case discovery including in-car and body-cam police video, audio dispatch recordings, 9-1-1 audio recordings, interviewing any witnesses, hiring skilled expert witnesses, preparing a client for the courtroom, and the ability to present a case in court in pretrial motion hearings and at trial.

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