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Burglary/Home Invasions

The Law Offices of Kurt W. Bruderly, LLC aggressively defends allegations of aggravated burglary, burglary, breaking and entering, and trespassing in Lucas & Wood Counties, including Toledo, Maumee, Perrysburg, Bowling Green, Sylvania and the surrounding counties of Fulton, Henry, Ottawa, and Sandusky.


If it is alleged that you entered onto the property of another without permission to do so, contact  the Law Offices of Kurt W. Bruderly as soon as possible.  Home invasion crimes often involve eye-witness identifications, fingerprint or DNA analysis, and circumstantial evidence.  Regardless, your right to be on the property in question is an essential element of this offense and can be the difference between a conviction and an acquittal.

"I didn't break anything, how can I be charged with a Burglary/Breaking and Entering?"

These crimes involve an element of the use of force, stealth, or deception and not always the actual destruction of property to gain entry .  Courts have expanded the definitions of these terms over time to include things such as simply opening a door as the “use of force”.  It is important to know the current state of the law and how it relates to the allegations against you.

"Some of my things are still inside the property, how can I not be permitted to be there?”

The scenario of “I moved out, but my stuff is still there” is a common situation in this area of law.  Whether your significant other recently kicked you out, or an employer fired you, the law requires the State of Ohio to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you did not have license to be present (trespass) and that you were purposeful in your actions.

“What can YOU do for me?”

Each situation is unique but ethically, lawyers cannot and should not make claims about themselves such as being “the best” or promise certain results.  The best practices for mounting a skilled defense include:  intimate knowledge of the local courts and participants; a thorough confidential client interview; obtaining all case discovery including security videos, 9-1-1 audio recordings, fingerprint and DNA analysis, interviewing any witnesses, hiring skilled expert witnesses, preparing a client for the courtroom, and the ability to present a case in court in pretrial motion hearings and at trial.

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